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The Appaloosa Horse Club (ApHC) UK Ltd was formed in February 2000 in order to promote and preserve these beautiful horses according to the mother-breed, the ApHC (America). 

The ApHC UK holds the only Appaloosa Breed Register in the UK with daughter-breed status that is officially recognised by DEFRA (Department for the Environment, Food & Rural Affairs) and our horse passports are fully EU compliant.

The ApHC UK is also proud to be the only official UK Appaloosa society affiliated to the Appaloosa Horse Club, Moscow, ID, USA. (

The ApHC UK has two main registers - the A Register (American) and the B Register (British) and one P register (Part bred). We promote and support both English and Western disciplines.

Appaloosa Horse Club UK Limited (ApHC UK) Legal Responsibilities of Owners in relation to Equine Passports link - Click to be re-directed


The registrar can be contacted on this email for Equine Passport information -




Heritage Dressed Appaloosa Heritage Dressed Appaloosa

Appaloosa The Breed of Choice

Heritage Photos by NRH Photography



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