Appaloosa Horse Club (ApHC) UK Ltd - Membership - How to Join


How to Join

To join the Appaloosa Horse Club UK Ltd you need to complete and sign a membership form and send it, with the appropriate fee, to the Membership Secretary:

Sue Feast (See the Contact Us section of this website).  The fees are payable annually in January.  A full fee is payable regardless of the time of year that you join.   

Benefits of paying by standing order

If you decide to pay your annual membership fee by standing order we will guarantee that your membership fee will not increase before January 2015.  Download the standing order form from Documents and Forms.


Annual Fees
 Types of Membership
£25 Adult
For persons aged 18 years and over.  Adult members have the full rights of membership
£35 Married/Joint (includes 2 people)
Both adults have the full rights of membership.  Both members must have the same address and will receive one copy of the newsletter between them.
£40 Family
Two adults and any number of children aged 16 years and under.  Only the adults have the full rights of membership.
£19 Youth
For young persons aged 18 years and under.  Youth members do NOT have the right to vote or register horses.  


Benefits of joining the Appaloosa Horse Club (ApHC) UK Ltd 

  • You will be joining the organisation that holds the only Appaloosa Breed Register with daughter breed status in the UK that is officially recognised by DEFRA (The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs).  This is important for the long-term preservation and development of the Appaloosa horse in the UK.
  • The ApHC UK is also proud to be the only official UK Appaloosa society affiliated to the Appaloosa Horse Club, Moscow, ID, USA.  We gained our affiliation to the ApHC in March 2000.
  • Our horse passports are fully EU compliant and officially recognised for travel and export purposes.
  • You will receive quarterly informative and interesting newsletters including news articles, letters of interest and details of events.  All members are encouraged to contribute to the newsletter.  All advertising in the newsletters will be included on our website for no extra cost.  The newsletters are published:-


Month Distributed
Deadline for Input
1st February
1st May
1st August
1st November


  • Regular annual national show and classes in many other county level and other regional shows in the UK.  Showing and Ridden classes (Western and English).
  • We have a youth membership scheme which caters for the interests and needs of our younger members.
  • We are a friendly organisation and all our directors and members are approachable and dedicated to helping new members.  


pdf Membership Application Form
To be completed for all types of membership
pdf Membership Standing Order Form
Pay your annual membership fees by standing order
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