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Since its launch less than 2 months ago, the British Horse Foundation’s Better Beginnings:
From Inception to 2 Years Old programme has been gathering supporters not only in the UK
but worldwide.

“We didn’t expect such an international group of users” says Lucy Hyde-Thomson (our well-
known IT consultant) commenting on the fact that over 25% of the people downloading the 8 Action Notes from the Better Beginnings web site are from outside the UK. “On the other hand”, she adds “the Southern hemisphere is just beginning its breeding cycle so Action Notes 1 ‘Preparation and Choices Before You Breed’, 2 ‘Genomics: Using Genetics To Benefit Future Breeding’, 3 ‘The Pregnant Mare’ and 4 ‘The Newborn Foal: Days 1 To 5’ are particularly relevant to them. Similarly, Action Notes 5 ‘Foals From Day 6 To Weaning’ and 6 ‘Weaning’ have been the most popular amongst British and European, because they are the subjects that are precisely what breeders want to know about at this
time of year here.”
With two further Advice Notes 7 ‘Weaning to 2 Years Old’ and 8 ‘Semen Biosecurity’, the
carefully sourced and planned material in this comprehensive programme is already proving
popular in the development of up-to-date and cutting-edge skills across the industry.
From novice single-mare owners embarking on their first foal to the managers of prestigious
studs, and spanning various sectors like racing, dressage, eventing, showjumping, and
more, the meticulously curated content in this program appeals to breeders of all sizes and
A skillful combination of text and video links, Better Beginnings is fast becoming a ‘must see’
for everyone interested in the subject.
Look here for further information on the background to the programme and how to work through it.
You can contact the British Horse Foundation at and
Lucy Hyde-Thomson at

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