British Equestrian has been working hard with the British Horse Council to secure a workable solution to accommodate the implementation of Border Control Post (BCP) checks beginning 30 April, that will affect chilled fresh semen imports from the EU.

On 28 March 2024, the Animal Diseases Policy Group (ADPG) agreed a one-off, temporary four month (May to August 2024 inclusive) contingency measure which reduces the official identity import check rate at a Border Control Post from 100% to 20%; as part of the official import controls for chilled equine germinal products. This coincides with the peak breeding and import season and will allow this time sensitive trade to continue whilst either enhanced BCP and logistics processes are put in place, or a full derogation. Defra is working with Port Health Authority officials to implement the 20% rate over the initial weeks of operation to minimise disruption to trade.

 On 18 April 2024, ADPG agreed a temporary adaptation to the ADPG approved temporary contingency measure (above).  This is an optional facilitation, available to the Port Health Authority, for the delivery of the official import identity checks by an identity check and declaration from the BEVA (British Equine Veterinary Association) AI (Artificial Insemination) certified veterinarians at destination; working to implement a 20% check rate over the contingency period as part of a pilot scheme. 

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