In February 2000, a number of Appaloosa breeders and enthusiasts got together to set up the Appaloosa Horse Club UK Limited (ApHC UK) as a recognised charity to establish an Appaloosa breed society in the UK with affiliation to the Appaloosa Horse Club of America (ApHC).

The ApHC of America was formed in 1938 by Claude Thompson of Oregon in order to preserve the wonderful Appaloosa horses in America that were originally selectively bred and cultivated by the Nez Perce people in the nineteenth century. The ApHC is today recognised as the international ‘mother’ society of the Appaloosa breed.

The principal objective of the ApHC UK is to preserve and promote the Appaloosa horse in the UK, in accordance with the rules and principles of the ApHC and we are proud to maintain that affiliation today. The ApHC UK established different registers to recognise the American and British bloodlines existing in the UK.

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