If you would like to advertise your Appaloosa stallion or advertise your stud or breeding programme in the BREEDERS GUIDE contact Sue Feast (news@aphcuk.org) the BREEDERS GUIDE is published at the end of the year for the next breeding season. If you are a member owning a licensed stallion and wish to advertise meanwhile, you may advertise your stallion on the STALLION DIRECTORY on the website for free, for this page your stallion must be licensed with the ApHC UK. Non-members please contact Sue Feast (news@aphcuk.org) for charges. If your colt/stallion is eligible for licensing with the ApHC UK please contact the Registrar: Auriol Thorne – registrations@aphcuk.org

Please note:

Every effort is made to ensure that the information and advice contained on this website is correct and appropriate. No responsibility for loss or damage occasioned to any person acting on or as a result of anything included in or omitted from any articles appearing on this site can be or is accepted by the directors or any other persons connected with the ApHC UK Ltd. Nor can the webmaster, the directors of the ApHC UK Ltd be held responsible for the opinions in any article contributed to or advertisements appearing on this website.

Advertisments of any kind displayed on this website are taken in good faith, and the ApHC UK Ltd can not accept any liability for items or horses or stallions at stud that are found to be not as described. It is your responsibility as a prospective buyer to ascertain the correctness of such advertisements. Not all advertised horses may be eligible for ApHC UK or USA registration, so please check ALL the details fully including details of stallions standing at stud before making any commitment to purchase or any agreement to use a stallion for breeding.

Further, the ApHC UK does not accept responsibility for any licensed ApHC UK stallion in any respect. Mare owner’s are advised to research information (regarding those stallions they are interested in breeding to) including, but not limited to, details of any hereditary diseases such as HERDA, HYPP and PSSM which can affect any breed or type of horse. The ApHC UK recommends testing any horse to be used for breeding purposes for such diseases and also for any horse carrying the greying gene which has a detrimental affect in respect of appaloosa characteristics and coat patterns which can fade over a period of time if the greying gene is present.

Breeders can request details of tests undertaken by stallions standing at stud. However if new tests are required there are suppliers in the UK who will undertake these tests at very reasonable costs. The ApHC UK recommends that mares that are to be used for breeding purposes are also tested. Details of laboratories that undertake such tests can be found on the web or can be obtained by contacting the ApHC UK Ltd at its registered office or from our website.

Please refer to the Appaloosa Horse Club rule book for further information on genetic diseases and traits. [Link to current ApHC Handbook on the ApHC website]

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