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The Appaloosa Horse Club UK has two separate main breed registers: the A (American) register, for horses registered with the ApHC of America, and the B (British) register, for Appaloosas of proven Appaloosa pedigree (or approved out-crossing) but which are not registered with the ApHC of America. The P register is our Part-bred register for those horses who have one parent registered with either the ApHC UK or the ApHC of America, and the other parent may be of any other origin. We have introduced the C (Characteristic) register for horses that have Appaloosa characteristics but have unknown or ineligible breeding for the A, B, or P registers. If you choose to register your Appaloosa horse with us and the horse does not already hold a passport you will receive an EU compliant passport and you will be preserving the history and pedigree of your Appaloosa in the appropriate section of our breed registry. If the horse already has a passport we will overstamp that passport to confirm entry into the relevant breed register. The ApHC UK will enter into the breeding book, horses of the same breed, line or cross that are eligible for entry under the Society’s breed criteria, without discrimination on account of their country of origin. Please refer to the document entitled ApHC UK Legal Responsibilities of Owners in relation to Equine Passports in the Documents and Forms section of our website which sets out the passport issuing regulations and our registrations complaints procedure.

Four Sections to our Appaloosa Breed Register

Section A – American

Only those Appaloosas holding a valid ApHC USA registration certificate will be eligible for registration in the ApHC UK ‘A’ register. A copy of the USA certificate must be sent to the registrar with the passport application and appropriate fees. To be registered with the ApHC USA one parent must be an ApHC USA main registered horse as defined by ApHC rules (or must be registered on the main register of an approved breed registry; the American Quarter Horse Association, The Jockey Club, Weatherbys Thoroughbred register or the Arab Horse Society).

Section B – British

British registered horses will be entered into section B of the register. Horses eligible for ApHC USA registration will be entered into section B (provided they meet the eligibility criteria for the B register). Upon receipt of a copy of the ApHC USA certificate they will automatically be moved into section A of the register. To be eligible for the B register one parent must be registered with the ApHC UK and the other parent must either be registered with the ApHC UK or must be registered on the main register of an approved breed registry; the American Quarter Horse Association, the Jockey Club or Weatherbys Thoroughbred register or the Arab Horse Society. For the purposes of the B register the ApHC USA is the mother breed and therefore an approved breed registry however for any horse sired by an Appaloosa stallion to be eligible for registration on the B register they must be sired by a licensed ApHC UK Appaloosa stallion if the stallion is resident in the UK. Any Appaloosa registered with the British Appaloosa Society (BAPS) before 1st February 2000 will be accepted into the B Register of the ApHC UK and the BAPS passport will be overstamped by the ApHC UK. If the horse is also registered with the ApHC of America it will be accepted into the A Register on receipt of its American registration certificate.

Section C – Characteristic

The ApHC UK has introduced a new register called the C (Characteristic) Register following the vote at our AGM in April 2014. Horses with an Appaloosa coat pattern or characteristics with unknown or ineligible breeding, for any of our other registers, can apply to be registered on the C register.


Horses that have unknown breeding or who are ineligible for registration on any other ApHC UK registers (A, B or P):
  • Must have an Appaloosa coat pattern and/or characteristics such as white eye sclera, striped hooves and mottled skin (eg nose, eyes and genitalia).
  • Must not have excessive white markings or be paint, draught or vanner, or pony type.
  • Must be minimum adult height of 14hh (143cm) unshod.
We reserve the right to inspect each horse that applies under this scheme. Each application will be considered on its own merits in keeping with our normal breed profile, as published in the ‘Allen Guide, Book 9 – The Appaloosa‘. All registration documentation must be completed and submitted and fees paid in line with our normal registration rules including fees relating to inspecting the horse. C Registration fees can be found here and include one adult membership fee. If required, inspection fees are additional and are based on travel costs so each registration will be treated on an individual basis. The decision to accept a horse onto the C Register is the final decision of the ApHC UK Board of Directors.

Section P – Part-bred

For your horse to be eligible for the P register one parent must be a registered Appaloosa (A or B register or registered with the ApHC USA) and the other parent may be of any other origin.

Breeding Unknown

If your horse displays characteristics of the breed eg spotted, mottled skin but their breeding is unknown you may be eligible to register the horse. You have two options in that you can apply to register the horse in the UK under our C (Characteristic register). Alternatively if you want to register with America directly you can apply under the Hardship Clause. The ApHC USA accepts geldings and spayed mares for registration, provided they clearly display Appaloosa coat patterns, and are not paint, draught or vanner, or pony in type/colour. The ApHC UK will accept these horses on our A register provided they have first applied for and received a registration certificate from the ApHC USA.

Registration Application

If this is a new application for a horse that is eligible but has not yet been registered please complete a Registration Application form. For registration of colts and stallions an additional Veterinary Inspection Certificate & Description for Stallion Licence form which is completed by your vet must also be submitted. If your horse is ApHC USA registered, please send a photocopy of both sides of your ApHC USA Registration Certificate. This should be accompanied with a set of six photographs of your horse; two of each side, one front view and one back view together with the relevant fee. This fee includes a new ApHC UK Ltd passport. If your horse is a registered Appaloosa and you already have a current passport please send your passport for over-stamping along with a photocopy of both sides of your ApHC Registration Certificate if your horse is dual registered with the ApHC USA. Fees for over-stamping can be found here. Your horse must meet the appropriate registration criteria to be eligible for registration with the ApHC UK. Please remember that horses must not have more than one passport. If your horse is a stallion please also send a photocopy of his Stallion Licence and a fee of £50 in addition to the registration fee. If your stallion already has a licence with another breed society or organisation, this may be acceptable to the ApHC UK provided the stallion has undergone a five stage vetting and meets all our pedigree and registration requirements. Transfer of ownership costs can be found on our fees page.

Non-Characteristics Horses

Solid coloured horses who meet the breeding criteria will be eligible for the main register and will be given a Non-Characteristic prefix, shown as ‘N’ e.g A/N/0001. Solid coloured horses that clearly show mottled skin and one other characteristic will be issued with regular, main register registrations, in either Section A or B as appropriate.

Applying for Passports

Please fully complete the registration form and check the form before posting it to ensure you have provided ALL the information needed including the date the horse was born etc. Very importantly please ensure that you have paid the correct postage before sending the mail. It is advisable to send all passport applications by special post or recorded delivery so that you have proof of postage. We will send your passports to you recorded delivery. Please also apply for your passport in plenty of time as they take about 6-8 weeks to process.

Stallion Licences

Stallion owners must obtain a stallion licence from the ApHC UK for stallions that are 36 months and over if they wish to register the stallion’s offspring. The stallion must pass a five stage vetting with an independent vet (not your own vet). A copy of the vetting along with the results of a DNA test must be provided to the ApHC UK to retain for reference purposes. Once the veterinary report has been completed, send your Stallion Licence Form and ApHC UK Application Form for a Veterinary Certificate for a Colt/Stallion together with a current colour photo (taken side on) and the licence application fee (see our fees page) to the Registrar. A negative test certificate for the hereditary condition PSSM1 and a negative grey gene test must also accompany the application. If your stallion already has a licence with another breed society or organisation, this may be acceptable to the ApHC UK provided the stallion has undergone a five stage vetting and meets all our pedigree and registration requirements, including all testing requirements. You will be sent a stallion licence certificate with the relevant stallion licence number.

Stallion Report Forms

All licensed stallion owners are required to complete a stallion breeding form each year giving details of the mares covered that year by 31 December. This form is to be sent to the registrar as proof of the mares covered. Please see our fees page for costs. Stallion report forms must be sent in to the Registrar by 31 December of each year. Stallion report forms submitted after the 31 December will incur an additional late filing fee. Please see our fees page for costs. In order to register a foal on the ApHC UK Appaloosa breed registers the stallion owner must submit an annual stallion report form along with the appropriate fee otherwise the progeny from that stallion can not be registered with us.

Covering Certificates

Mare owners may request a covering certificate from the stallion owner as proof that the stallion has covered their mare. However, it is not necessary to produce this certificate to the ApHC UK as the proof of covering will be obtained from the annual breeding report form submitted by the stallion owner to the ApHC UK. ALL REGISTRATION FORMS CAN BE DOWNLOADED FROM THE ‘DOCUMENTS & FORMS‘ PAGE OR BY CONTACTING THE REGISTRAR

Passports & Micro-chipping (New Legislation)

Legislation that came in to force regarding compulsory micro-chipping for foals born after 1st July 2009. The new legislation EC No. 504/2008 states that: FOR PASSPORTS ISSUED AFTER 30TH JUNE 2009, FOALS (AND ADULT EQUIDAE NOT PREVIOUSLY ISSUED WITH PASSPORTS) MUST BE IMPLANTED WITH MICROCHIPS CONTAINING A UNIQUE CODE NUMBER All foals will require a passport by the age of 6 months or 31st December whichever the later in their year of birth. Please note the cost of a passport increases for horses over the age of 6 months. Please see our fees page for details.

Overstamping Non-UK Passports

Under new legislation, a horse with a non UK passport must now be registered with a UK Passport Issuing Office (PIO) by October 2020. The ApHC UK offer a service to register horses and over-stamp their passports. The horse will either be registered on to the relevant breed register or if the horse or pony is not eligible for our breed registers then we can over-stamp them on to our Non-Appaloosa Register. Fees for registering and over-stamping passports can be found on our fees page. These apply to both Appaloosas and Non-Appaloosas. There is a different pricing structure for over-stamping on to our Characteristic register as an inspection maybe required to go on to this register. Please refer to the fees page for these details. Please note that it is also a legal requirement for the current owner to be recorded on the horse’s passport. If you have not done this you must do so by way of a transfer with the relevant PIO. For all information relating to costs for registrations, please see our fees page.

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