Your Registration Queries Answered

Query 1:

Can I put my horse on the A register if it is eligible for American registration but I have not yet applied for an American certificate? No. The only horses that can be registered on the ApHC UK A register are those horses that already hold an American certificate.

Query 2:

If I can not put my horse on the A register because I haven’t applied for an American certificate then can it automatically go on the B register? No. Only if the horse meets the specific registration criteria for the B register can it be registered on the B register.

Query 3:

I have used AI from an American registered stallion that is not resident in the UK and therefore does not hold an ApHC UK stallion licence on my British ApHC UK registered mare who is not herself eligible for the A register. The foal does not meet the registration criteria for the A register. Is it eligible for the B register the same as the dam? Yes it is eligible to go on the B register. For the purposes of the B register the ApHC is considered an approved breed register and we accept offspring where the sire is an American ApHC registered stallion provided the stallion is not resident in the UK. If the stallion is resident in the UK then it would have to hold an ApHC UK Stallion Licence in line with our normal rules.

Query 4:

I have a foal out of my ApHC UK registered mare by a thoroughbred stallion. Is the foal eligible for the B register even though the thoroughbred stallion is not licensed with the ApHC UK? Yes provided the sire is registered in the main register of the Jockey Club or Weatherby’s then the foal can be registered on the B register. The ApHC UK only licences appaloosa stallions who are registered with the ApHC UK. (The same answer would apply to Arab and Quarter horse stallions).

Query 5:

I bought a horse that was registered with BAPS before 1 February 2000 and it holds a BAPS passport (it is not registered with America). However its sire is dead so can not be licensed with the ApHC UK. I want to register it with the ApHC UK on the B register as it is a British appaloosa. Can I register it?

Yes, we accept horses registered with BAPS before the 1 February 2000 when the ApHC UK was formed. Prior to that date the only register held in the UK was with BAPS so horses born before that date couldn’t have been registered anywhere else (unless of course they were eligible for registration with America). Therefore horses registered with BAPS before 1 February 2000 do not have to be sired by a stallion licensed with the ApHC UK and we overstamp their BAPS passport.

If you require any assistance with regard to registration and application for passports please do not hesitate to contact our Registrar, Auriol Thorne 07827 858120
Auriol Thorne ApHC UK Registrar, 2A Dryden Way, Liphook, Hampshire GU30 7QB


Transfer of Ownership – What to do now

So you have bought yourself an Appaloosa and you want to change the passport into your name. Here is what you do;

  • First check and see if you have a Form in the back of the passport.
  • If you have then get the Seller to sign their bit… very important as their signature is a legal requirement.
  • If not you need to download a Transfer of Ownership form. Once printed get the Seller to sign.
Now for The Passport
  • Write your name and address clearly in the Passport on the page that says ‘details of ownership’. Please note that minors (under 18 years) cannot be the registered owner of a horse.
Now get ready to send me the forms
  • Some of the forms will be out of date so please check that the address to send to is 2A, Dryden Way, Liphook, Hants. GU30 7QB.
  • You will need to send the completed Transfer of Ownership form, the filled in Passport and a cheque made payable to APHCUK Ltd for the transfer of ownership fees. Please see our fees page for current prices. Please send by Recorded Delivery (approx £2.50). Your return postage, which I will send by Recorded Delivery is included in your fee.
Now for the possible problem

If the Seller is not listed as the ‘legal owner’ on the Passport ie did not do a Transfer of Ownership at time of purchase, they will not be listed as the Owner on our database and so cannot legally sell the horse. Please do the following;

  • Download a form called the Statutory Declaration of Current Ownership. This is an affidavit for you to sign in front of a Solicitor or Commissioner of Oaths to swear that the horse belongs to you. Most solicitors will witness a signature for you without an appointment and it should cost less than £10.
  • Send as above with the appropriate fee and the passport.

I can usually get the passport back to you within a few days and always within a week if all the documents are in order. Please make sure the forms are filled in legibly and include your phone number or email address.

If you need any more information you can email me on or call 07827 858 120

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